Welcome to Beit Sahour Association

Beit Sahour Community to Launch New Non-Profit Organization

Welcome to Beit Sahour Association. We are into the process to launch this organization. Anyone older than 18 years old and who can trace his or her heritage to Beit-Sahour can become a member. Currently, there is no membership fee. Just add your name by completing the membership form.

During the first 45 days of its formation (until 11/15/2019), anyone who lives in United States, Canada, or Latin America can apply to become part of the steering committee by completing the steering committee membership form.

The steering committee will be tasked to advance the following:
  1. Develop a mission and by-laws of the organization.
  2. Lead marketing campaign to increase awareness of the organization.
  3. Create a membership structure and increase organization participation.
  4. Plan a convention before the end of year 2021 whereas a board of directors will be elected. Once competed the steering committee will be dissolved immediately
Any member who registers to the steering committee before 11/15/2019 will automatically become a member of the steering committee. The steering committee will meet at least once a month for the next year to determine the structure and logistics of the new organization. If a member misses two meetings (without proper excuse) they will be dropped as the community is seeking only serious members of the steering committee to make strategic decisions.

All members of the steering committee have equal voting rights. Any disagreement within the steering committee is resolved by majority vote. The steering committee can create working group to advance its objectives. Working group membership can be from outside the steering committee but each working group must have at least one steering committee member. Any disagreement within the same workgroup must escalated to the steering committee for a vote.

Steering committee will conduct all its meeting virtually. Collaboration platform will be provided before the end of November 2019 to allow the steering committee to conduct its first kickoff meeting before the end of 2019.
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